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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

SharePoint "Managed Navigation" visitors

Is your Managed Navigation not showing / hidden? If so read on...

SharePoint 2013 includes Managed Navigation. I used this to setup some basic navigation but found that, when logged-in as a visitor, the navigation disappears.

I came across this page - "Managed navigation not visible to Readers" - which said "navigation nodes which do not have a page will not be shown to Readers".

To implement this fix, for each term (in your Managed Navigation Term set) you can :

  1. On the "NAVIGATION" tab, change the "Navigation Node Type" to "Simple Link" and specify a page url, or
  2. On the same tab, change the "Navigation Node Type" to "Term-Driven Page with Friendy URL" and then, on the "TERM-DRIVEN PAGES" tab, change the target page for the term to a page url.