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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Search - Click Through Relevancy

You may have heard that SharePoint 2010 search (not Foundation) includes "Click Through Relevancy". This means that, as more users click on a specific link in the search results, SharePoint will increase the link's ranking.

It made me wonder if Google use the same approach as part of their page ranking algorithm?

If it did, you could perhaps post links to a site with a special query string, making use of the Google "I'm feeling lucky" to simulate a click e.g.


Of course that would be too easy to abuse, which is why Google don't do it.

However, our in-house SEO experts told me that Google Instant search did allow something similar and was exploited.


  1. Hi Howard,
    Do you know where sharepoint stores this click through information? i.e. if a sharepoint administrator was to reset the indexes in central admin search service app, would you lose this history?

  2. Sorry Brad, I'm not sure where it's stored.