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Thursday, February 24, 2011

SharePoint "The Product ID specified was not found"

Today I started the installation of a 4 server farm. The SharePoint 2010 setup media had been copied into a network folder location. I chose to copy that folder to all of the SharePoint servers, so that the setup program would run locally, rather than come across the network.

On each SharePoint server I ran the setup program and installed the prerequisites. This worked fine.

On one server, I then tried to install the main SharePoint program files but I got the following message: "The product ID specified was not found on the machine", as shown below.

Oddly this acutally worked on one of the servers, but for the other 3 it failed.

I can only assume that copying the setup folder to each server had somehow corrupted the files. Anyhow, the solution was instead to mount an ISO image as an optical drive on all servers, and that worked.

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