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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

SharePoint Always Prompts for Credentials

I had a SharePoint site running quite happily on my Dev VM. However, when I tried to connect to the site from my base machine, I was repeatedly prompted for credentials and could not connect.

This was surprising as the domain account I was logged-in as was the same for both the base machine and the Dev VM.

I tried a number of possible fixes, including:

1) Adding the site address to my Local Intranet zone
2) Disabling the loopback check
3) Checking that the firewall (running on the Dev VM) was not blocking access
4) Using a non-Internet Explorer browser

Nothing worked!

However, I thought I'd create a new SharePoint application and then try connecting to that. While doing this, the following error message was shown: "The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed."

The fix to this issue was to remove, then re-add the Dev VM to the domain. After I did this, I found the connection issue went away.

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